I believe many people have seen some photos with a black and white background and the subject is colored, the effect is outstanding! Making these photos is easy, now let’s see how to complete it in 5 minutes.

To make this personalized photo, we need to use the free software of Magic Hand of Light and Shadow, please download the software to easily add a frame to the photo.

First Look at the Effect

This time I used the cover of the YUI album “I LOVED YESTERDAY” as a demonstration.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

(1) Open the Photo

Needless to explain this step?

(2) Enter the Coloring Magic Wand Tool

Click [Digital Darkroom]> [Coloring Magic Wand] to enter the coloring magic wand.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

(3) Display Color

This is the main step for displaying colored places. First zoom in on the screen for easier work, then adjust the brush size, and apply it where you want to display the color. Pay attention to the edges. It’s better to make the brush finer, the effect will be better! Beware that the software does not have a function to return to the previous step, so please proceed with caution. It is also recommended to use a small brush to frame the border first and then use a large brush to paint the middle position, which saves time.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

(4) Press OK to Complete

After you apply it, press OK to complete it. Isn’t it easy? But this is always a test of patience, so more practice and adjustment will get better. Try the effect yourself!


Author: Alex Tam