Sometimes when using LR to adjust photos, the edges of the mountain become thicker. It is difficult to resolve the problem of rough edges in the mountain.

Before Learning:

  1. You need to use Photoshop CC for post-production, please click Photoshop CC-Download and Install Guide to install Photoshop CC first;
  2. This time we’ll take a RAW file to be modified, I suggest that students first learn the importance of reading the RAW file!


The author found that there are 2 possible causes for the above reasons:

First, the shadow is pushed too high, for example to 100.
Second, the bright part is pressed too low, for example, to zero.

What should we do if we don’t want to change the above 2 values? The whole photo has been adjusted as a whole. If you change a few values, it will affect the whole body when triggered. At this time, we can use Photoshop to brighten or deepen the shadow tools for finishing. Simply using Photoshop to brighten and deepen the shadows has actually improved significantly.
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The author also took a video version to share, welcome to watch:





First copy a layer to protect the original image. Change the copied layer from normal to lightness. If it is not changed, the part that has been erased will have a color cast. You can try the subtle changes yourself.


Then click the highlight tool keyboard shortcut: O
press ] to enlarge the brush and
press [ narrow brush


There are three items: the mid-tone highlights

  • Mid-tone Changes the middle range of the gray scale
  • Shadows Change dark areas
  • Bright area Change bright area

The exposure is set to about 10%-30%, depending on the situation it can be targeted for local brightening and darkening. To darken the rough edges in the figure, select the bright part to erase the rough edges and hold down the Option key to darken. If you don’t hold down the Option key, it will highlight.




In fact, if you know how to make good use of the highlighting or deepening tools, there are many changes in you can play with. For example, when shooting a galaxy or a star trail, you can use tools to highlight the stars or the galaxy to increase the contrast. Brighten the deep shadows at sunset to make the dark layers more prominent.

The following is the author’s sketch, shot with Samsung NX1 with 12-24mm F4-5.6 ED.





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Author: Hudson Ng