Graduation season is here! The moment you put on your graduation gown it becomes a symbol of entering a new stage of your life. Of course, I hope this can leave an eternal happy memory with you and your loved ones. Are you ready to capture a good moment? Let us introduce the elements of graduation photography!



Hardware Equipment

Since friends and relatives have come to Lintonghe, a group photo is of course required. It is recommended to have a tripod and a wide-angle lens for taking group photos, so that everyone is included in the scene. If possible, please also include a teleconverter to take close-up images (such as the moment the certificate is awarded at the ceremony) to capture the best photo. If you use a long mirror to shoot the graduation ceremony, you can consider using a monopod to increase stability and reduce the chance of shaking while maintaining a certain degree of mobility.

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Photo By cassetteject

Camera Settings

When taking a group photo, it is best to set the aperture to F5.6 or above to avoid the subject being affected by the depth-of-field; set the shutter to a slightly higher factor than the safety shutter to reduce the number of failed photos due to camera shake; for photo quality please consider using Raw and JPEG at the same time (if you can only choose one of them, RAW is recommended), so that you can quickly review the camera, and improve the latitude of partial photo correction in post-production. If you need to set a flash, please adjust the brightness to a low amount and use a spot light. If you use a wide-angle lens to take a group photo, pay attention to lens distortion. For example, if the lens is 24-70mm, do not use the widest angle to shoot, because the lens change will lengthen the people on the left and right sides. Also pay special attention to metering, because most graduation gowns are black, the camera’s metering may consider the environment to be dark and increase the exposure time. Which will cause people’s faces to be overexposed. At this time, you can use spot metering on the camera, it measures the position of the face to solve the some of the overexposure.

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Photo By Manaf

Graduation Photo Tips

Some indispensable scenes and poses for graduation photos are listed here for reference:

Campus Gate / Teaching Building / Group Photo

By {link:}ybysforgan_jack{/link}

Wide-angle lens + shoot up from waist height Photo By ybysforgan_jack

Moment of Certificate

By {link:}Richard Kwan{/link}

High Shutter + Large Aperture + Horizontal Shooting Photo By Richard Kwan

Throwing the Cap

By {link:}Jarnott{/link}

High-speed shutter (minimum 1/250 or faster) + Suppression / Shoot down from height Photo By Jarnott

Location Selection

In addition to friends taking pictures at graduation, campus, parks, and Disney are all popular places to take graduation pictures. If you have other places to commemorate (such as dormitories, stations, etc.), you can also take photos there also! Please note that the graduation photos are mostly group photos. Please design the route and timing in advance, or do it in advance to avoid wasting time on the real-time itinerary.

Graduation is an important event in life, but taking graduation photos is not difficult to imagine. As long as you use personal shooting skills to match the scene changes and prepare, you can take beautiful graduation photos! Finally, I hope you can quickly master the skills and take a beautiful series of graduation photos for your friends and family!


Author: Genevieve