Spring and Summer are both mating seasons for fireflies. Here are some basic tips for shooting fireflies!

(50mm, f/1.4, 2.5s, ISO 400) There are 80 photos combined into one with the star-trails software, then Photoshop is used to adjust the white balance and curve.


  1. Since shooting fireflies is performed at night, everyone should pay attention to safety.
  2. Fireflies live in grass areas and near where there is water, places where there are many mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are afraid of water, so do not use spray repellent into the grass to avoid affecting the living environment of fireflies.
  3. The brighter the place, the easier it is to capture the light spot of fireflies. So we have to avoid shooting on the full moon and try to choose a time before the moonrise to shoot.
  4. Fireflies come out one to two hours after sunset, so the chance of shooting fireflies after 10 pm is very small.
  5. Use a red cellophane to cover the flashlight. Remember, the red flashlight is used to light the road, not for fireflies. Fireflies are afraid of light, and strong light can cause death to them.
  6. In terms of equipment, you must carry a stable tripod, because long exposure is necessary.
  7. On the camera side, bring a camera that supports manual focus, because the autofocus is completely disabled.
  8. On the lens side, the larger the aperture, the better, preferably at f/1.4 or above, in order to shoot fireflies. In terms of focal length, 35 to 85 mm is recommended, because a lens that is too wide makes it difficult to take a large spot of fireflies.
  9. For the ISO setting value, 400-1000 is recommended.
  10. In terms of exposure time, it depends on the brightness of the scene. Generally speaking, 2s-5s can be used.
  11. White balance setting: It is recommended to use daylight, which can be fine-tuned afterward.
  12. If the number of fireflies on the scene is not ideal, you can use repeated exposure afterward.
  13. Finally, I would like to mention that when you go to the suburbs, don’t make noise, don’t smoke, to not affect other people and villagers. Photographers must have photographic ethics, protect the environment, and throw trash everywhere.

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Author: Mu Ziyu Qixiu