Many friends who are new to photography have already heard the three terms “aperture, shutter, and ISO”, but it is difficult to understand their meaning and interaction. After reading this article, I hope you can understand the Aperture, Shutter and ISO!

The aperture

[table class = “table-striped table-bordered” colalign = “left | left | right”]
“Aperture”, “« -Large Aperture “,” Small Aperture- »”
“Value (example)”, f / 1.4, f / 32
“Effect”, “Shallow Depth of Field” ~~ Large amount of incoming light, “Depth of Depth” ~~ Less amount of incoming light
, “Blurred background” ~~ Prominent subject ~~ Portrait / Close-up, ~ All clear ~ live ~~ shoot landscapes / record
“available light”, “the multi-dim environment should (if sufficient light again with a large aperture for an add light microscopy ND)”, “lit under conventional”
example ,
[/ table]

The shutter

[table class = “table-striped table-bordered” colalign = “left | left | right”]
“Shutter”, “« -Slow shutter “,” High-speed shutter- »”
“Value (example)”, “30 seconds “,” 1/4000 second ”
” Effect “,” Shoot afterimage “~~ More light intensity,” Freezing action “~~ Less light intensity
,” Can record “time” changes “~~ Need to stabilize the camera ( (For example, using a tripod) ~~ Suitable for shooting flowing water / track / stationary scenery, “Clearly present motion ~~ Reduce the effects of hand shake ~~ Suitable for shooting fast-moving objects
” Spot light “,” Should shoot with insufficient light “,” light for an adequate (or with a large aperture for a high ISO or flash) “,
” an example ” ,
[/ Table]


[table class = “table-striped table-bordered” colalign = “left | left | right”]
ISO sensitivity, “« -Low ISO “,” High ISO- »”
“Value (example)”, ISO100, ISO6400
” “Effect”, “Avoid overexposure when the aperture is large or the shutter is slow”, “Small aperture, normal exposure even when the shutter is fast”
, “Very low noise” ~~ Highest and clearest photo quality, “A lot of noise (normal and Introduction) “~~ photo body begins to blur the edges
” light field “,” commonly used when lit “,” low light use (especially when the hand-held camera) ”
” example ” ,
[/ Table]

After reading this article, you would know how to use “aperture, shutter and ISO”.

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Author: Alex Tam