Many friends who want to buy DSLR cameras often see the term “Kit Lens”. So, what is Kit Lens? What’s so special about Kit Lens? Is it worth buying?

What is Kit Lens?

First of all, we must know that the lens of DSLR can be replaced, so for most DSLR manufacturers, there will be two kinds of packaging for customers to choose from, one only contains the body only, the other One is a kit (Kit Set-Body + Lens) already equipped with an original lens. Kit Lens actually refers to the lens purchased together with the body!

What’s so special about Kit Lens?

Kit Lens is actually just an ordinary original lens, usually this lens will match the purchased body (such as an entry-level body with an entry-level lens). Some Kit Lens are only related to Kit Set and will not be sold separately.


Should I choose a Kit Set to follow the lens?

In order not to make the price increased dramatically (some lenses than the body is several times more expensive!), Lens quality of Kit, materials, etc., will usually mediocre, certainly enough for photography novice, but I personally feel that the lens of The quality of the image has a lot to do , so I would rather give up purchasing Kit Lens and buy some better lenses, of course the price will be a little more expensive, but the quality will be much better.

Postscript 1

When I bought the first DSLR, I also bought the Kit Set, because I wanted to play with it first and then see how to upgrade. But I didn’t expect that the poor Kit Lens just followed me for 1 month and was “snow hidden” because I quickly bought another lens that was more suitable for me. Therefore, I still recommend that you only buy the body when buying, and use the saved money to buy a better lens!

Postscript 2

Of course, some intermediate and advanced Kit Lens are also better. At that time, you should go to the Internet to collect more information to see if the quality of that Kit Lens is worth buying!


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Author: Alex Tam