Photo by Penelope Else

Shallow depth of field is usually used to highlight the subject, but in fact, the bokeh effect can also become the “subject”, which makes the photo colorful! Today let’s take a look at how to use this optical phenomenon to create artistic bokeh and enhance the level of photography!

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Scene selection

To make the bokeh the subject of the photo, the light source must be beautiful, and the surrounding environment of the light source is preferably dark. It is better to have a light source with multiple colors because the “wave point” will be full of fantastic effects.

The luminous body must also be a round bulb or LED light so that the bokeh will have a bubble-like shape.

Camera Operation Method

To take an abstract, artistic bokeh photo is easy, we need to:

  1. Turn the aperture to the maximum to make the bokeh round.
  2. Set the lens to “Manual Focus” and twist the focus ring towards the light source.

Other camera settings such as metering are the same as taking normal photos.


In addition to the general composition, we can also include the effect of “pulling” or add other objects to cooperate, just like the two photos below.

Try it today!

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Author: Alex Tam