For many novices, most of them will consider the problem of buying a camera and ignore how to maintain the photographic equipment. Let me share with you this time, how to save your photographic equipment! Humid environment is the enemy of our photographic equipment, because mold will easily breed in the humid environment. In case of accidental mold breeding on the lens, it will affect the imaging of the lens and cause permanent damage in the worst! In addition, most people today use digital cameras. When the camera is in a humid environment for a long time, the electronic parts inside the camera will also be affected and cannot be operated. So how should we store our photographic equipment? The best answer is to equip a moisture-proof box .

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Type of moisture-proof box

The moisture-proof box is generally divided into electricity and no electricity. Most people are called electronic moisture-proof boxes and ordinary moisture-proof boxes.

Ordinary moisture-proof box

Ordinary plastic moisture-proof box with moisture-proof beads

Ordinary moisture-proof boxes are actually not very different from the plastic storage boxes used by ordinary households to store dry food. The most important thing is to have a sealant edge to prevent moisture from entering. However, this plastic edge alone cannot achieve the effect of hygroscopicity, so it must be equipped with moisture-proof beads to absorb the moisture in the air, but you must not use the hygroscopic agent for the wardrobe to prevent the water in the interior from pouring out. Moisture-proof beads can be purchased at general photography supplies stores. After you open the lid of the moisture-proof bead, you will find that the moisture-proof bead is blue (please refer to the description of the moisture-proof bead). When you find that the moisture-proof bead turns pink, you must replace it, because pink means that the moisture-proof bead has no longer absorbed. Wet effect. Of course, you can use hot air to dry the pink moisture-proof beads into blue, but this takes too much time, so I still recommend that you buy a new one directly to replace it, which is more convenient. There are also “electronic moisture-absorbing pads” on the market. Actually, they are just ordinary moisture-proof beads, but the difference is that when the moisture-proof beads inside fail, you can plug in the “electronic moisture-absorbing pads” to directly dry the moisture-proof beads. After drying, continue to use. In addition to paying attention to the color of the moisture-proof beads, there are some well-designed moisture-proof boxes on the market that are also equipped with a hygrometer to facilitate the player’s attention to humidity. The optimal storage humidity for general camera equipment is 45-55%. If it is too low, the lubricant on some parts will dry out, which will also damage the equipment.

Seal the lid of the tank to prevent moisture from entering

Use a hygrometer to measure the humidity in the moisture-proof box

Where to buy: home goods store, camera store

Benefits: Cheap price (Moisture-proof box ranging from HK $ 100- $ 300, Moisture-proof beads HK $ 20- $ 80 / Electronic absorbent pad HK $ 100- $ 150), do not need to be connected to the power supply for a long time.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to control humidity. Pay attention to the condition of moisture-proof beads frequently.

Electronic moisture-proof box

Electronic moisture-proof box

Electronic moisture-proof box can be described as the best storage solution, the relative price is relatively expensive, but compared with ordinary moisture-proof box, its capacity is larger, and it is easy to store because it has different intervals. Electronic moisture-proof boxes have different storage capacity, of course, the larger the more expensive, if you only store one body plus a smaller lens, generally about 30L is enough. But in the long run, consider buying 60L, which is about HK $ 700 or above. The biggest advantage of the electronic moisture-proof box is that it is easy to adjust the humidity. For example, if you set the humidity to 50%, if the humidity in the moisture-proof box is higher than 50%, the moisture-proof box will automatically operate and dehumidify to reduce the humidity to 50. %.

Easy storage

Electronically set humidity

Where to buy: Camera supplies stores, electrical chain stores

Benefits: better storage environment, easy to control humidity, save time and money to replace and purchase moisture-proof beads. Space design method to store equipment

Disadvantages: expensive, long-term plug in power.

But players need to keep in mind that even using an electronic moisture-proof box may not 100% prevent the lens from mold. What should I do if I find mold on the lens? When the lens is moldy, you should go to the repair center immediately, and you should not disassemble the lens by yourself. Also, don’t handle it immediately because there are only a few molds, because molds can spread and damage the coating on the lenses, causing permanent damage.

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