Many times, we see other people take wonderful photos, and we want to know how to achieve the same effect. The most convenient way is to refer to the EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) value of the photo .


What information does EXIF ​​contain?

EXIF contains a lot of useful information. For beginners, the following information is most worthy of reference:

  • Camera model
  • filming time
  • focal length
  • Shutter speed
  • aperture
  • Exposure program
  • Metering mode
  • White balance
  • flash
  • ISO value
  • Exposure compensation

How to display the EXIF ​​of a photo?

In the windows system, you can right-click on the photo to display properties with simple EXIF ​​inside. If you want to get detailed information, you need to install other software. I have always used opanda’s IEXIF viewer. It is easy to use and also has the Firefox plugin. Most importantly, it is completely free. If you are interested, you can download it from the following link:


Opanda IEXIF Viewer download page:

After the installation is complete (if you use firefox, you can install the firefox plugin, which is also free), you only need to right-click on the photo, you can see an additional option-“View Exif / GPS / IPTC with IExif”, click Then you can see the detailed EXIF ​​of the photo:

Option after right-click

Right-click option



IExif Viewer

As shown above, you can see in the IExif Viewer that the photo was taken by Nikon D50, the aperture (F Number) is 5.6, the shutter (Exposure Time) is 1/60 second, the exposure program is A-mode (aperture priority), and There is other useful information.

Why do some photos not have EXIF?


Most cameras record EXIF ​​data when shooting, but only delete EXIF ​​during post-editing (especially when saving). If you want to keep EXIF, please use “Save as” instead of “Save” when saving in Photoshop for Web “, other software should also have the option” Retain EXIF ​​”.

in conclusion

If you want to learn photography seriously, you should refer to the works of others. EXIF ​​is a good tool to understand the technical parameters of photos. Install a try today?



Author: Alex Tam