There are many composition techniques in photography. One of the most important ones to learn is the “Fill the Frame” Technique. Below are three tips on using this useful composition. Let’s check them out!

(Tip 1) How to apply “Fill the Frame” composition?

Just like the name suggested, “Fill the Frame” technique can be done by putting your object as large as possible within the photo frame, even covers all of it.

Some examples:

(Tip 2) When should we use “Fill the Frame” technique?

There are three conditions that you can use “Fill the Frame” composition:

  1. A stand-alone photo with an object
  2. A stand-alone photo with a pattern
  3. A background

A Stand-alone Photo with an Object

Using “Fill the Frame” technique as an independent photo is easy. Try to focus on your object. Make it as large as possible in your frame. Sometimes you can magnify a small portion of a large object to finish your photo – the chosen part can be so large that it extends beyond the photo frame and eventually covers all of the photo.

A Stand-alone Photo with a Pattern

Another common use of “Fill the Frame” composition is shooting a pattern. When you see meaningful lines or geometric patterns, you can always use “Fill the Frame” technique to make a good photo.

As a Background

Another use of “Fill the Frame” technique is to apply to the background together with other compositions, like the Golden Ratio or Leading Line. This is a useful method to enrich your photo.

(Tip 3) Why does my camera refuse to take a photo when I am close to the object?

Did you experience that sometimes when you try to take a closer photo on your object, the camera refuses to focus and take the photo? This is because each lens has a defined “minimum focus distance”. If you move closer to the object and the distance between your object and the lens is shorter than the “minimum focus distance”, the camera cannot focus. As a result, no picture can be taken. So the solution is to walk apart from the object gradually until you can focus. Or move further away and zoom to the object with a tele-lens. If you really need to take a close shot, a macro lens is needed.


Composition is a comparatively complicated yet essential topic in photography. All beginners should pay attention to the composition every photo you take if you want to improve your photography. In Fotobeginner we are going to introduce the most critical composition techniques. Stay tuned!


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Author: Alex Tam