Is there any way to quickly enhance your photography skills?


Five TIPs to take good photos

Looking for textures and patterns

leaf stone line2

There are many geometric figures in nature. Trees, leaves, valleys, roads, spider webs, etc. are definitely good shooting subjects! For example, if you pass the stone brick wall of the street, the Banma Line, etc., you can also take more pictures.

2. Use Color Contrast

c1 c2 c3

If you find two kinds of objects with strong contrast colors, you may wish to take a few photos, because the strong color contrast can bring out the theme clearly, making the picture very impactful!

3.Interesting Angle

a1 a2 a3

If you can “drop your body” and take photos at a unique angle, your photos may be different and full of freshness!

4.Flowing Lines

r1 r2 r3

Bring your tripod, slow down your shutter speed, and let the light and water flow become the protagonists of your photos!

5. Take Advantage of the Golden Ratio

t1 t3 t2

The golden ratio is the rule of thirds (reference article). Use this rule to make your photos look natural and comfortable.


I believe that if you are new to photography, you can understand the above five basic Tips, and your photography skills will increase. Of course, trying hard and not being discouraged is the first step to success. No one is born to take good pictures!

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Author: Alex Tam