After practicing photography for a period of time, you will probably learn some composition techniques such as the “The Golden Ratio” and  “Fill the Frame.” However, there is one composition idea that you can easily apply to many of your photos. Let’s learn about Color Contrast in three practical ways.

(1) When Cold Meets Warm

If you find a scene containing cold color and warm color, you can apply color contrast composition. Blue and white color are considered as cold while red and orange are warm.


(2) Two-color Contrast

Sometimes it is not easy to find cold and warm colors. But you can still apply color contrast technique if you see two contrast colors such as Red and Green, Blue and Yellow etc.


(3) Multiple-color Contrast

See many colors in one photo? If they are contrast colors, you can still use contrast to emphasize the tone. But be careful – if there are too many colors and the subject is not clear, the photo may become chaotic. In this case, it is recommended to use other composition techniques.



Although the color contrast is rather easy to apply, there are many other composition methods that a beginner should learn. By utilizing various compositions, your photo can have a lot more variations.


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Author: Alex Tam