Have you read the article: “Food Photography Preparation?” If you are ready, let’s explain the key points of food photography: Screen Design and Composition!

How to Decorate/Design The Picture

Designing the picture is very important to show the dynamics of the item. So what exactly is dynamic? Outside of the photo, the food has its dynamics, such as the sauce viscosity, the dry herbs, the juice running off the steak. Wait, Rather than take a photo of the food directly, you can decorate before pressing the shutter! Here are a few examples:

Slice the yolk and let it flow out

Drizzle the sauce over the food to make it look smooth and fragrant

Cut the cake and let it fall apart, letting people see how thick and soft it is.

In addition to showing dynamics, you can also find some props that can be used to line up the food, such as tableware, napkins, menus, sunglasses, hand, and clothing. These props may increase the interest in the photo in terms of colors and functions.

Complement your friends’ blue jeans with the brown table that occupies most of the picture, and place tableware at the same time to express that the two will have a great meal!


After you have cut the yolk on the egg, you must quickly decide to compose the picture! Because some food won’t remain pretty after some time. The composition is will change from the previously mentioned methods. Previously we focused on the angles of the item and props. The following are a few commonly used compositions for food shooting:

(1) Laying it Flat *Blogger Favorite*

Flat Lay is a composition method that everyone likes on Instagram. As the name suggests, the object or food being photographed will be laid flat on a flat surface. The photographer will take this picture from top to bottom. The premise of using this composition method is that the picture must be carefully designed in advance!

(2) Close-Up Lens + Visual Level

Some foods such as burgers and sandwiches cannot lay flat so we have used other composition methods to highlight the item.

Come closer and let people see the sandwiches and sauces full.

You must take a close shot before you can see the texture of the cake and feel its softness in the photo

After designing the picture and composition, in the next article, I will introduce the things you need to pay attention to when shooting food and some mobile phone system skills.

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