The first two food shooting tutorials are before the shutter is pressed. In this final part, we will talk about pressing the shutter and using a mobile phone to modify the picture.

Shooting and Retouching

-Shooting: Just before you press the shutter, you want a deep shallow depth of field to determine the aperture size.
If you use a mobile phone, you can’t achieve the effect of shallow depth of field, but you can blur the background in the later editing. Newer iPhone users can choose Portrait mode before shooting to create the effect of fake shallow depth of field!

-Retouching: Filter
Many people think that adding a filter is one of the steps in retouching. They think adding Filter will enhance the look. This is wrong! Some Filters are pretty good but don’t abuse them, because there are many details to modify after adding them. The current mobile software will let you choose the depth of the filter. But there are no certain rules for this because everyone likes them differently. You need to carefully review the photos you have taken before you, modify the picture, and think about what needs to be improved.

-Photo Editing:
In addition to adding filters to color photo editing, you must also pay attention to the color temperature of the photo, because it will directly affect the feeling and temperature of the photo as a whole. The cooler color temperature will make the photo look bluer, which is very suitable for high-end desserts; the warmer color temperature will make the food look and feel like breakfast.

If you have finished three introductory food photography tutorials, I believe you will also start to know the key points of shooting food! But remember that photography, like other hobbies, requires practice to improve. Starting today, take out your mobile phone/camera to practice when dining out. If you want to share your great work with us, add hashtag #FoodFotobeginner after uploading photos on Instagram/Facebook, then I will have the opportunity to leave comments on your photos!