In the previous article, “If you want to sell your Photos” is if you want to develop in photography, you must aim at shooting a series so that your work will be easily noticed. In recent years, my brother has invested in shooting the “Legography” series. The concept is to link Lego and Hong Kong’s distinctive scenery together.

Lego’s are really interesting when applied to photography, Lego’s can transform a lot of ideas. Earlier, I used Lego’s to make a series of Babyzilla for my son. I pictured him as a big monster, and the Lego was me and my wife.

I will briefly share how to shoot a photo series that was shot at home. The lighting is very simple. I use a commonly used backlight configuration: put a large soft light umbrella (or soft light cloth) behind the baby, put a set-top flash behind it, and then use the trigger that is connected to the camera. White towels or blankets are laid on the ground, and a white reflector (white foam) is placed on the left and right sides. Basically all photos are taken like this.

As I emphasized in my previous article “How to Take Pictures of Your Wife“, the people around you are your best models.

If you shoot what you love, you will get beautiful results.











As a parent, watch this series of Babyzilla and see if the little monsters at home feel the same.


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