I’m also a beginner at shooting newborn babies. After all, I haven’t been able to find a family that is willing to let me borrow a newborn baby to shoot. In 2015, things have changed. My daughter was born in January and brought me another subject of photography. Although I still have to go to work every day, I still insist on taking pictures of my daughter every day to record everything in her life.



The most important point when shooting a newborn bb is not to use a flash. Newborn baby’s eyes are still developing, and strong light will affect its eyes. Keep this in mind! Since I can only pick up the camera after I get home from work, light is the biggest problem for me. A high ISO will bring noise, and a large aperture is likely to cause the depth of field to be too shallow, but this has to be weighed in terms of noise, depth of field, and the baby’s safety. The safety of the baby is the most important.




When shooting, it is best to use natural light as the light source during the day. However, at night when there is insufficient light, a supplementary light can also be used as an aid with High ISO and a large aperture. Many people will often take a wide-angle large-aperture lens to shoot, but also pay attention to the closest focusing distance. If the lens does not have a good macro effect, there is a chance that you can’t take a baby photo.





The newborn baby has not yet understood what a lens is. Every expression is mostly natural. There is plenty of time to capture this most natural model. Because babies often dance, even when shooting at night, you must also take into account the shutter speed to avoid blurry photos.



In addition to capturing expressions, you can also take close-ups of babies, such as fingers and feet. The baby’s fingers or feet can form a strong contrast with adults and bring out the fun. Also, babies often clench it’s fist, as long as he slowly spreads his fingers, he can insert a variety of props into bb’s hand for shooting. The most convenient props here are the parent’s fingers.


Speaking of props, you can also add them to the photo when shooting, but you must also pay attention to the safety of the baby. For example, I wouldn’t put something too hard near it. Proper arrangement of props can also enhance the fun of photos.





Since I can only take out the camera in a hurry every night and finish it in a few minutes, I can’t be too particular about the baby’s behavior. Many times, it’s easier to take a picture of her in a sleeping position. When she is asleep, her posture is very strange. If the sleeping position is too formulated, you can gently touch the baby’s body or forehead while she is asleep, let her move slightly, and capture the impatient expression at that moment.


For me, when shooting babies, all composition skills may become less important, the most important thing is love for the baby. Enhancing parent-child interaction through the shooting process is more important than everything and worth recording in your mind.


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