The beginning of a journey of a new life, the baby will explore this strange world with his hands and feet. As a new parent, how do you start to record the growth of your baby? What are some notable shooting techniques?


60mm, F4.5, 1/100s, ISO 2000

Shooting Small Tips: Macro Lens Application and Turning off the Focus Assist Light (if applicable).

Newborn babies need to be fed after an interval of every half to an hour. The rest of the time they are sleeping. If the baby is asleep, put on a new Macro lens (60mm Macro lens used in the picture) so you can take close shots, take this moving moment, and gently open the baby’s hand with your finger, she will clinch the small fist tightly. The purpose of turning off the focus assist light is to prevent the eyes of newborn babies from developing. Try to avoid strong light affecting the eyes. Do not use the focus assist light, let alone the flash.

35mm, F3.2, 1/50s, ISO 1600

Separated from the incubator and watching his baby breathe, Xingyi’s feeling was indescribable. Before he was born, he had been fantasizing about what his daughter looked like. When she was born, he began to learn to be a father.

Small Tips: Use High ISO, Wide Aperture
The light in the nursery room is not enough, it is recommended to raise the ISO to 800-1600, if the lens has anti-shake, turn it on, this can effectively slow down the shutter and keep enough exposure, because the baby will just fall asleep lazily at birth, without much action, it is enough to be a model quietly than you.

35mm, F2.2, 1/50, ISO 1250

Back home, put on the clothes that were prepared for the baby early in the morning, and be clean. The baby is getting used to living at home, and sometimes opens his eyes to look at you, but the newborn baby from 0 to 2 months old is about visible You can see black and white images of things within 20cm in front of you. Although you can’t see who you are, parents can also give simple graphics or moving things to interest the baby.

Small Tips: Use a 24/35mm fixed-focus lens and take photos at home near a window. It is recommended to use a 24mm or 35mm fixed-focus lens. The metering is center-weighted. The sensitivity ISO can be maintained at 800-1600. The aperture can be opened as wide as possible. F1.8-F2.8 are also available. If there is sufficient light by the window, it is recommended to take pictures in natural light. This will ensure the quality of the photos and keep these memories forever.

60mm, F3.5, 1/30s, ISO 1600

The newborn baby feet have not fallen on the ground, and their toes are carefully and meticulously cute. When the baby is not asleep, they can easily record and become the most precious memory of growth.

Shooting small Tips: Close-up photos
Close-up photos are the macro lens’s playing time, 1x magnification, the closest focus distance is only ~ 0.22m-0.31m, you can shoot closer to the subject than other non-macro lenses, footboard Aberdeen was photographed greatly.


24mm, F2.8, 1/50s, ISO 1600

The sleeping baby put the twisting dice in the picture, and hope that I can think quickly, be a smart and flexible child, and grow up happily.

Shooting Small Tips: Using a Small Prop to Frame
A single shot of a baby may be tedious. Try adding a small prop to the screen, such as twisting the dice, which can add composition elements and enrich the picture.


24mm, F1.4, 1/50s, ISO 2500

It is an important part for parents to wash their babies. At first, they may be unfamiliar with washing their hair, and they are surprised that the baby accidentally puts water into their eyes.

Shooting Small Tips: The White
A bathroom environment may be relatively thin. The 24mm fixed focus lens is more suitable for shooting light babies because the safety shutter is maintained at not less than 1/25s. The composition can be added to the baby in the towel bag to achieve Composition in pink colors.


35mm, F2.0, 1/80s, ISO 2500

The child spends more than half of its time on its bed. Hanging different dolls’ charms can attract the baby’s attention. Playing music makes the baby dance and laugh. They all laugh very sweetly!

Shooting Little Tips: Composition
A pendant on the baby’s bed can create the foreground on the composition. The front and back scenes echo, and the picture clearly shows that the baby is looking at the doll.

35mm, F2.0, 1/60s, ISO 1250

Shooting Tips: The baby who just turned around on the floor mat will repeat the new skills that he just learned. Putting the baby on the floor mat for a good performance is a good opportunity for parents to take pictures. The baby’s attention is drawn on the camera.


Equipment purchase analysis:

DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras


  • High ISO available, good noise control
  • Interchangeable lenses to suit different situations such as macro lens
  • Fast-focusing speed and high accuracy
  • Easily create a shallow depth of field effects

Digital Camera DC


  • Convenient without a lens change
  • Variable
  • There are three anti-camera options
  • Many models support Wifi

Phone Camera


  • Extremely convenient
  • A large number of apps are available for immediate post-production

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