Sometimes I like to take casual photos, sometimes I take some themed photos.

Here’s what I would share with you.



Most girls like to shoot in nature, but different attractions will enhance different feelings in a photo. For example, tall grass can make a viewer feel comfortable, and the sea can make viewers feel calm, and the streets may feel fashionable. Different interior arrangements will have different feelings, there are can be nostalgic, noble, and elegant.

The setting of the scenery can make the photo feel three-dimensional. Of course, the large aperture will also help, but the size of the aperture also has many considerations.

2.Light Source/Hour/Minute

In addition to seeing whether an environment is suitable for choosing attractions, you can also look at the light source. Because light shines directly, light can penetrate a tree and can make you shine! It feels different at different times. For example, the color temperature at sunset is golden.



For example, the following photo’s theme is blue. The time selected is MAGIC HOUR. A little soft warm sunlight hits my face. Also, clothing and white balance can help color.



Most girls like color photos, because they have a preference for some colors. Ex. The girl does not like the dark yellow of a street light. Therefore, some photos will be changed to black and white. The black and white effects are better for photos with high contrast.




Props can make a model’s performance look natural. Also, to assist the model or to highlight the props, the items can help with lighting needs (especially by adding light themselves), to rationalize the light source.



The choice of the subject can help photography. For example, if you want to shoot a dancer as the subject, you will choose some models that dance. If you want a calm theme, you can choose some girls with light/natural makeup. If you want to take a photo with the sun, you will find someone who has a bright smile.


These are the most recent photos, all carefully prepared and selected. There are 10,000 ways to think about the creative thoughts that the young girl shared with you.

Photography enthusiasts are also welcome to share.

Finally, thanks to CANON for lens sponsorship (50MM F / 1.2, 85MM F / 1.2)