I’ve been busy these days because I just became the father of two children.

If time permits, I will take pictures for the children. Here I want to share the experience of photographing my children.

A Moment of Sleep

The baby was asleep most one or two months after he was born. Many times we took pictures while they were sleeping. I like to use a large aperture mirror to take a moment to sneak in natural sidelight. Natural sidelight can enhance the overall contrast and enhance the three-dimensional sense.

Sony A7/Leica Summilux 50mm F1.4/VSCO film emulation

Fujifilm x100/VSCO film emulation

Simple and Elegant Background

When shooting close-ups, I like to find some simple and elegant backgrounds to create a sense of innocence.

I took it when I saw a pediatrician, and the child was using disposable straw behind, which just made a good background. (iPhone 5 / VSCO cam)

Fujifilm X100 / VSCO film emulation

Dad and son’s morning parent-child time, looking for a background at home. (Nikon D700 / Nikkor 28-70mm F2.8 / Photoshop)

Recently, my child wakes up more during the day, and we all have play time with them. This is the best time to take pictures with children. Many times they will make funny expressions and smile at you.

Parent-child photo taken with mother shortly after birth (Fujifilm X100)

Parent-child time with mom in the morning (iPhone 5 / VSCO cam)

Brother and sister photo (Fujifilm X100 / VSCO film emulation)

Photographing children’s little hands and feet is also my designated action, especially when their little hands and feet become fat.

Little hand (Sony A7 / Leica Summilux 50mm F1.4)

Little feet (Sony A7 / Leica Summilux 50mm F1.4)

Unexpected weird expressions

The newborn child occasionally makes some weird and funny expressions and is very ridiculous. So a lot of times I don’t leave my hands, hoping to take a fun moment of them.

Hot Blooded Sister (Fujifilm X100 / VSCO film emulation)


The following are some personal preferences. When taking pictures/post-production, always pay attention to the conditions/details.

Natural Light

To me, natural light is the most beautiful light, and the color of the shot will be more natural. If possible, shoot in daylight, especially the light near the window. The colors are quite soft.

Film Emulation

I’m a big fan of film emulation. The taste of nostalgia is to bring out another layer.

Recommend VSCO (see the previous article on Vsco )

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