Going on a trip, what equipment should I bring?

Many users worry about what equipment to bring before departure. Personally, it depends on their shooting habits and style. It is difficult to have a package that is suitable for everyone. The key is to understand what you need. The menu for my trip to South Korea is a bit unpopular. If you follow them, you may find it unsuitable. Because I am a fixed focus fan, this trip is mainly focused on fixed-focus lenses. I wanted to bring DSLR, but I already brought a mid-range film machine, so I brought a lighter mirrorless.


  • Sony A7
  • 50mm f/1.4 ZA Planar (This is an SLR mirror because you have it before you bought the A7, and you don’t want to buy a special FE 55mm f/1.8 mirrorless, so you can take it out; if you don’t have an SLR 50mm mirror, it is recommended Buy FE55)
  • FE 35mm f/2.8 (backup mirror, used in some situations where you don’t need to take close-up shots and need a wider angle than 50mm, such as indoors)
  • Pentax M 20mm f/4.0 (manual focus SLR lens, the advantages are compact, pancake size and weight, very light with mirrorless, when focusing, you can achieve a super-focus effect by narrowing the aperture to infinity, without worrying about slow focusing)
  • F20M flash (without dispatching, personal habit is required for outdoor lighting during daytime, even under backlight conditions, using appropriate body-color settings and accurate exposure is sufficient, or post-adjustment can be used; only at night or indoor is necessary to use flash Lights, but children should sleep at night, and still take pictures?)
  • A tripod is not on the list because the night view is not planned.


  • Pentax 645NII
  • Pentax 67 105mm f/2.4 (equivalent to 63mm with 135 frames)
  • Kodak Portra 160 & 400

How much equipment is enough? Will you miss out on shooting opportunities because of insufficient equipment?


I have also tried it. The 3 camera and 6 mirror film digital 135/120 long and short fire 20-450mm full gear were dispatched because of the mentality of “this place people only go once in a lifetime, if you miss it, you have no chance”; but in the end, Those with the highest attendance rate still come and go with two or three mirrors, and the rest only use one or two. So the question is back, how well do you know your shooting habits and needs. Of course, you can bring as much as you want; otherwise, it is recommended not to bring too much, usually.

Also, the problem with bringing too much equipment is that you will become an “equipment tester”. Every time you go to an attraction, take a few shots with this lens then take another one. It wastes time picking up photos. I tried these experiences before. Therefore, streamlining the equipment and making yourself fewer choices and less oversold are better.

The Myth of Ultra Wide

20mm? 16mm? Or 12mm? How wide should it be? The answer is never wide enough, just as money is never too much. However, the problem with ultra-wide angles is that the wider it is, the harder it is to use, and the picture easily becomes hollow. This is the place to pay attention to when shooting. My habit is to use an ultra-wide-angle lens when you need to shoot a large area at close range or to create a magnificent look. At other times, you can just stand at an appropriate distance with 50mm. After all, the two are different, and the point is to know what effect will be used under what circumstances and which focal length, which one you prefer). Another way to avoid picture holes is to use a zoom lens (or an ultra-wide-angle fixed-focus lens and then crop it at home). As long as you understand the composition principle, which needs to be included and which need to be avoided, you can use any method.



The Meaning of Telephoto in Travel

A telephoto lens is indispensable if you are photographing the migration of animals, the Bird Photo Gallery, or the World Cup. On the contrary, because I mainly shoot family members, the narrow focal length angle of view and the compressed background make it impossible to see what the shooting location is, and I have to stand far away to take pictures, and then it loses the meaning of travel.

Travel Portrait Mirror


As you can see from the photos, I know that I also like bokeh. A simple 50mm f/1.4 lens can create a fantastic bokeh and cover enough perspective. This is better than a 24-70mm f/2.8 (not enough bokeh) or 70-200mm f/2.8 (too narrow viewing angle) zoom lens. The most important thing is the size, weight, and price. Generally speaking, a 50mm f/1.4 weighs about 200g and sells for about $50 (except Zeiss). F/1.8 lenses can be purchased for $40-$50, and 24-70mm f /2.8 weighs 8~900g, 70-200mm f/2.8 weighs 1500g, and both sell for more than $1,500. Is a traveling light important? Or is convenience (zoom) important? I would choose the first. If the focus is not convenient enough, you can pair it with a cheap mirror or Tianya zoom mirror.

The ps 35mm has a wider angle of view than 50mm, making shooting with people more convenient, but the aperture, price, and weight are less than 50mm. People can choose according to their requirements.

Is it inconvenient to travel with a fixed focus lens?

My experience is that it is not a big problem. Many fixed-focus people are accustomed to walking around the world with one machine and one mirror, so in fact, they don’t change the lens a lot. Most of my photos in Korea are taken with 50mm.

Regarding lens changing, there is some quick lens changing teachings on the Internet. If you are interested, you may refer to it. I think it is very useful. Now the lens changing speed is much faster, and I am not afraid that I will miss the shooting opportunity.

If you really don’t want to change the lens, but you want to enjoy the light and high quality of the fixed focus lens, and you can cover different focal lengths, there is another way, is to bring 2 cameras. Today’s mirrorless and large sensor DC have both the advantages of lightweight and high quality. Traveling portability is more important. With 2 cameras and 2 mirrors without mirror or DC combination, it is better than 1 camera and 2 mirrors with SLR combination. Of course, the above is only my personal experience. Please decide for yourself whether it is applicable.

About Travel Camera Bag

Camera bags are also important. I have the following requirements for a travel camera bag:

1) Quickly pick and place equipment. Side pockets or rucksacks with side pocket openings are more convenient.



2) The rucksack can evenly distribute the weight on both shoulders, which is suitable for large equipment such as SLR + several lenses; if there is no reflection, you can choose a smaller side pocket.


3) The stronger the protection, the heavier the camera bag. If it is not necessary to travel to the mountains and sea, lightness is more important than protection.

How to travel happy photography


The problem that photography enthusiasts often make is that they don’t want to miss shooting anything. As a result, they often ignore other more important parts of travel, such as family, because they are hanging on the photo. Like myself, I will do this almost every time I travel. My shadow addiction and my wife are neglected. Fortunately, she is more comfortable with me, and I also took some satisfactory portraits for her. Also, I will remind myself not to shadow too much, to spend more time with my family and enjoy traveling together.

Also, because the fixed focus lens is used, sometimes the focal length is not suitable and the shooting opportunity is missed. Tell yourself, let it be. Know how to let go before you can have it. Photography is not expensive, and it doesn’t matter how many photos I take in a day. As long as there is a representative work, it is enough.


The cherry blossom shooting tips
are viewed from a viewing angle. The endless cherry blossom avenue is the most beautiful; but for photography, I will like narrow streets because if the road is too wide, the middle of the picture will look empty:


On the contrary, the cherry blossoms on both sides of the narrow street will alternately overlap to form a cherry blossom tunnel, which can capture the dreamy feeling that the characters are surrounded by the cherry blossoms.


Like the picture above, at first glance, I think that many cherry blossoms are just a path.


Also, try to shoot at the lowest angle possible, the effect will be more obvious. At this time, the LiveView function is very useful. The photo camera above is almost placed on the ground. If you use OVF (optical viewfinder), you must lie on the ground like a sniper to see the finder.

How to make children take pictures of you happily


I am a documentary school. I mainly shoot life clips. I don’t like to pose my children as models. However, when I’m in a field, I’m facing “shooting beautiful travel photos” vs. “recording kids” travel clips. “Conflicts have also struck within. For adults, when they see cherry blossoms, they feel pretty and want to take pictures; but for children, they have no interest at all, so when you tell them to stand there, don’t move, and look at the camera (remember that the camera is just a man’s toy, usually when the child touches you, they immediately stop drinking and stop them, but they look at them when taking pictures, which is contradictory), they think it is very boring and meaningless. I believe that parents also have experience. The patience of children is quite limited. The chance of being forced to take boring photos is only three times a day (depending on the individual child). If there are 4 attractions, 3 attractions a day, each attraction with 10 shadows, can the child still bear it? I am afraid that I have already suffered from camera phobia before returning to Hong Kong. It will only get harder to shoot him in the future.


On the contrary, when I saw the locomotive, I didn’t need to order it, Shun Shun would be happy to take a photo with it because that was what he liked. It can be seen that the way to make children willing to face the camera is to make them happy. Similarly, to let them and adults go to sightseeing spots without gadgets and enjoy themselves, you can give them some gadgets. What I’m talking about is not counting throwing the mobile phone at them. I always object to using mobile phones to send children to avoid responsibilities; in fact, children are easy to be happy (if they haven’t been poisoned by mobile phones). Simply a balloon on the ground A bunch of cherry blossoms (please do not pluck them from the tree to destroy nature), or ride a bicycle together is enough. You can arrange for them to sleep during the bus ride, or play small games with them like guessing boxing and Xiaoming (remember, we all grew up like this, right?) Also note that the sightseeing time should also be adequate, and it should not be too long. Satisfy one’s own desire for photography and the joy of Mrs. and the children. You know, photography is only part of the journey, and traveling is not just yours, but also your family. Having a great holiday together is the most important thing.




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