Dads who love photography, often hold a camera. I believe that many dads like to be the author, they like to shoot more than being shot. Although the following self-portrait family photo methods are not traditionally seen as group photos, the addition of the photographer’s element makes people feel that the interaction between the photographer behind the camera and the camera will enhance the whole family feel.


Ricoh GR photo


FujiFilm x-pro1 photo


FujiFilm x-pro1 photo

gittel 040814-4

Samsung nx3000 photo


Ricoh GR photo

gittel 16082014-0012

Ricoh GR photo with DICAPAC case


Ricoh GR photo

Pay attention to the light, shadow, and reflection, and add the photographer’s elements. As long as you are under appropriate conditions, no need for superb photography technology, everyone can do it. You will find that sometimes creativity and ideas are more important than technology.

The only thing to note is that you need to use a short focal length (below 50MM), which can be closer to the subject and increase interaction. It is also easier to include the photographer in the photo.