From the previous article ” How to make my wife approve you to buy equipment“, after a lot of hard work, I finally got the approval. It turned out that this is just the beginning of the story. I began to feel itchy to add equipment, and then asked my wife, and returned to the starting point. The equipment does not return to the path of failure. Of course, the younger brother has also experienced it personally. Here I will explain to you my heart journey as someone who came here, including crying, laughing, blood, and sweat (money).


Like everyone in the forum. When suffering from a choice problem, the first method is to seek the opinions of the senior people in the photography discussion forum, but often the conclusion is still unanswered. Why is this happening? Because many times, these opinions can only reflect the preferences of the respondents and do not represent the personal wishes of the asker. The simplest example is that the person asks whether A or B is good, and the answer will be C or D. Experienced friends will ask what it is used for and then give opinions, but more often even the person himself may not know what he wants.


Understand What You Need

What kind of subject do you plan to buy equipment for? Different subjects require different equipment, such as wide-angle lenses for landscapes, telephoto lenses for portraits, 35/50mm for street photography, macro or artillery for ecology, and so on. Note that the above is an example of the use priority, please refer to here for the experience of focus priority. If you want to shoot a variety of subjects, there are more convenient options (such as Tianya Mirror), of course, the quality is not as good as the equipment specially designed for specific topics, but it is enough for beginners.

Here are some common equipment requirements for your reference:

  • Common focal length and aperture
  • Focusing/Following Speed ​​and Collimation
  • Continuous shooting speed
  • Dark focus performance
  • Mainly used for outdoor vs indoor
  • Day vs Evening
  • Is it common to flash outside/inside
  • Liveview, anti-mon, and filming
  • OVF vs EVF
  • Size weight
  • Light vs bright
  • High key vs low key
  • Layer transition
  • Depth of Field / Bokeh
  • Wifi, GPS, NFC, remote control

Knowing what is necessary is not a problem for me. I always know what I want, but there are too many different brand models on the market, which ones are suitable for my purpose? I have heard many times from novice to now. “The C brand has a good portrait, the N brand has a good scene, the O brand is blue strong, the RP brand is green and natural, the F brand has a film flavor, and the P brand has a strong film. S “It ’s a big crime.”


Which brand is the best?

Whenever this issue is raised, a war of words is often provoked. Like most users, I started with C/N. This is a more convenient option for beginners. However, I am unwilling to follow the wave. When I started to become familiar with the equipment, I transferred to a niche brand. Then, after some time, I transferred again to continue my journey of a rogue; I Just like a bird without feet, no brand can keep me. After trying almost all brands, my conclusion is that for general use, any brand of equipment can take good photos, the difference is that each brand has its color style, which one is more suitable for personal taste.

I like to go-to photo sharing sites that can search for shooting equipment, such as Flickr, and forums with brand zones, to see photos taken by users and their color performance. When the system can change the original color of the brand, it can’t be seen, but you can still find more photos without post-production on the larger website. Undoubtedly, some masters like post-production, but novices may not understand, or I am lazy and over-shooting. Instead of taking time to make thousands of photos, it is more important to choose the right camera out of jpeg. If you feel the same after reading different brands, then you can choose anyone (unless that brand does not have the lens focal length you want).


Collect Information

Online information is well developed, and you can find complete information for reference. I don’t know if you have a similar experience. I bought the equipment because I saw the online evaluation and recommendation, but the results were different from what the website said, or some problems were not mentioned in the evaluation. Especially in the current evaluation, the performance of the equipment will be digitized, such as the sensor’s noise/DR/color depth, the lens’s MTF/distorted dark role, etc. The advantage is easy to compare, even if you don’t understand what the data is, just check the score higher is better. There is nothing wrong; however, some equipment performance cannot be digitized, such as color tendency, layer transition, and bokeh. Only through actual use and testing in extreme environments can the equipment be seen in the photos. Quality.

The more profound experience of the younger brother is that a sensor was launched before, advertised as ultra-low noise, and won high scores and recommendations in the evaluation of major websites, so I was assured to upgrade the fuselage. After all, the old model on my hand lacked some new features. (Although it may not be necessary); but after using it for a while, I feel wrong. Why are the photos foggy? It turned out to be due to insufficient high light tolerance.


When the manufacturer was developing the sensor and the jpeg engine, to create beautiful data, it slanted its performance toward details in the dark, while sacrificing the light-level details. The advantage of this design is high ISO and low noise, and the evaluation of natural high scores; the disadvantage is that the high light position is not sufficiently tolerant. In a slightly light environment or when you want to take a light effect, the high light position of the photo is easily blurred. Even dead white. The solution is to expose to the left (-EV) when shooting and then push the light back. The problem is that my main movie is a high key style. It is troublesome to make every photo underexposed. If I had known this, I would not upgrade the fuselage, at least the original old machine does not have this problem. But why didn’t the online review mention this? That’s because there is no such test data for a high light level. Please note that the highlight performance described here is different from the Dynamic Range. The DR wide can also be dead white. Even if it is like the “4x DR” of a certain brand, it still depends on left exposure and post-production to solve the problem. On the contrary, the sensor of a major brand has always been teased by rival users, but its high light performance is good, and many people use it to take high key portrait photos. It can be seen that the advantages and disadvantages of equipment depending on the situation. Finding the right equipment can bring its advantages into play.


Another example is that the MTF of a lens is too high, but the original contrast is extremely hard and under-graded (refer to the example above for relevant levels). The skin tone of the portrait is not enough to transition, and it changes to “matte” or “gelatin”. It ca n’t be remedied. You can only push the photo a little, then pull the red curve and add soft to make the white look red. As a result, the output sugar water is full of flavor but there is still no level. These examples seem to be exaggerated. They may not pose a problem for other users, or they may feel that they have resonance. I want to point out that online information can be used as a reference, but it cannot be trusted.


Try it Yourself

You have to buy it and try it before you can be sure. Isn’t it necessary to pay fees and not get it in one step? Don’t worry, let me offer some free/cheap ways:

  1. Go to the showroom. This is the most convenient way. Most brands have showrooms/specialized stores where users can try out a variety of cameras and lenses, even the top models.
  2. Try it. When new products are introduced, manufacturers may hold trial opportunities. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with the latest equipment the first time, and I have been to a lot.
  3. Find friends. At present, photography is very popular. Someone around you always has a camera. Ask them to borrow to try it out and see if it suits them.
  4. Party of friends. If you have a discussion forum or group, you may wish to meet up with your friends and bring equipment out to poison each other and see who is poisoned first. XD
  5. Water loan/clearance/2 hand equipment. You can buy an entry-level or older model for trial, and then invest in additional equipment if you are comfortable with it; if it is not suitable, you can put it on sale without eroding too much, and then you can try other equipment.

The advantage of contacting the equipment is to deepen the understanding and understand whether it is suitable for you, but the disadvantage is that after trying it, you will miss it.



In my brother’s article ” 4 Stages of Photographic Equipment “, usually the user goal of the second stage is the advanced model of his brand. The magic power of this demon can be regarded as a junior, it will make the victim buy more and more. It is impossible to extricate yourself from perceptual eyesight; however, when you enter the third stage, the mental magic encountered is much stronger. The threshold of fever-grade equipment is not what ordinary people can cope with. The degree of inner struggle and guilt after spending money are at least ten times more serious than the second stage. Especially remembering that time, my brain and silver were sucked into the black hole. It was wrong but I couldn’t resist it. As a result, I bought it in defeat, and there was no sense of satisfaction because I completely overwhelmed my guilt; Its power requires higher skills; instead of having happy photography, I face heavy pressure (both financially and technically); I finally sold it, and I was relieved immediately and the pressure was gone. This experience tells me that the Demon Soul cannot be repelled. Even if I didn’t buy it at the time, I would still be unable to surrender.

When I saw how high the level of fever equipment was, I looked back and found that even if the equipment is more advanced, it is only one mountain and one mountain high. The Michelin 3-star dinner is delicious, but the original simple bowl of fork Egg rice, but it can be moved to tears … This is what human beings do. It takes time to try to breathe and to lose it to understand. Once you have it, you can understand what is eternal … From a little lamb in a flock to a brand fanatic People, and then set foot on the road to becoming a devil with fever equipment, finally, I have washed my lead, left the mundane shackles, and then returned to the bland, and entered the fourth realm of equipment …


Back to the Ground

Floating down the poisonous sea for many years, let me understand:

  • There is no such thing as buying machines and sending technology. Those poisonous pictures taken with high-level equipment are all from masters, but they can also be taken with a bad camera and a bad mirror, which has caused me to be deceived for so long. It should not be …
  • I thought that I could become a master with the weapon of the magic weapon, but the result continued to look bad.
  • The real reason to buy high-end equipment is to satisfy possessiveness; taking good pictures is just an excuse to cheat yourself.
  • Of course, if you have enough money, you can choose to enjoy expensive equipment.
  • On the contrary, if you ca n’t afford it, paying 5 times (or even dozens of times) more for that 5% quality improvement is extremely low economic efficiency and unwise.
  • There are only two reasons to do it without knowing the reason: First, unlimited money mode. Buying equipment is just like a toy, it’s just fur. Second, there is no money mode, but you can’t extricate yourself.
  • Just like “men are not bad, women don’t love”, the equipment is like Xiaoshan. Falling in love with her has no good results, but only hurts her family.
  • Therefore, to avoid repeating mistakes, remind yourself not to fall in love with the equipment.
  • When feelings are removed and the equipment is regarded as a tool rather than an object of desire, you can calmly make a rational decision and buy only the equipment that is suitable and needed without being affected by the desire to buy extra luxury goods.
  • If you want to play, you have to be a player and hug the tent. Seriously, you lose.
  • Don’t give up the entire forest for one tree. To be a player, naturally, take care. Try more different brands of equipment to broaden your horizons.
  • Every brand has had its most glorious era, but at the same time, it may decline and be replaced by a rising star. Which brand knows how to master the new technology and lead the opponent can become the king of the next dynasty; on the contrary, if you do not think ahead, you will eventually be eliminated. At present, the two leading C / Ns were once niche brands. It was precise because of their success in AF SLR that day that they could dominate the market today.
  • So go ahead and try something new. stand up! Don’t be a slave to the brand. Invest our time and money in new technology products.
  • There is no best equipment in the world, only the best equipment for you.
  • The technology of photographic equipment is constantly evolving. Similarly, personal requirements for equipment will continue to transform as experience/skills grow and tastes/purposes change. (Thanks to netizen kinder989 for inspiration)
  • Don’t look down on cheap or unpopular equipment. When I was a novice, I also tried to suffer from other people’s eyes (Zhong Yao is a user of the same brand). Regardless of what you shoot, as long as the picture is good, you can win praise.
  • He stalks pearls there is something good for unpopular equipment. The next part will be shared with you.

The last point is the most important one: Don’t forget your original intention. Equipment is only a tool, photography is what we seek.

Wish happy photography


ps The flaunting picture at the top, I can’t deny that I have also had this stage. Most of the equipment in the phase has been sold. Now several different systems are used, each of which has only a few necessary lenses. It has been streamlined a lot and has not been in a long time. Take this picture (except when it is on sale).

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