Last time I shared with you what a fisheye lens was. This time, I will share with you how to use it. Speaking of fisheye lenses, fisheyes have a wide range of uses without any restrictions. The wide-angle feature can make the scene look more imposing and more spatial when it is used for landscape photography.

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Application Skills

Attention to Level

Pay attention to the level when shooting landscapes, because the image is distorted, which will make your judgment with the naked eye challenging, you should pay more attention to it. If you are not shooting horizontally, the effect of a photo imbalance will be significant. Also, when using a fisheye to shoot high-rise buildings, look up! You can shoot the whole building into the lens by looking up, making the picture more spectacular.

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2. Shooting Distance

The closer the shadow is, the more obvious the effect is. If you only shoot at a normal distance, you cannot get exaggerated deformation effects. As for ordinary portrait photography, the closer the distance under the fisheye lens, the more obvious the effect of is. This technique can also be applied to pictures with non-moving objects as the main body to increase the fun.

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3. Avoid Deformation

Because of the deformation, the images on both sides will be distorted when shooting. If shooting a portrait, the protagonist should not be placed next to it, otherwise, it will not look “human-like.” Therefore, when shooting with fisheye, the subject should be in the center of the photo. Otherwise, it will be easy to appear distorted. Taking portraits as an example, if the subjects are placed on both sides of the left picture, their bodies will become disproportionate. It can also be seen in the figure below that the scenes on both sides are obviously deformed, but the middle bed is rarely deformed.

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For portraits, the subject should be in the center By {link: http: //} Swanky {/ link}

4. Highlight the Subject

When shooting, you should consider whether too many things will be gathered in the lens, which will make the photos dazzled and the subject may not be clear. When framing, try to highlight the subject and avoid too many subjects at the same time. Because too many things appear in the photo at the same time, it will make the photo lose focus. Also, the fisheye can deform the main body. Especially when shooting portraits, the model can be instructed to perform some special actions to make the effect more exaggerated.

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Models can coordinate action to enhance the effect of photos.

Shooting with fisheye glasses often results in a lot of surprises. Moreover, with a little fantasy and rich imagination, it is not difficult to take some interesting pictures with a fisheye. If you want to add more fun to shooting, you might as well buy a fisheye lens, I believe that you can create many unique projects. Next time, I will discuss with you the common problems of using fisheye.