I have found 25 fantastic photos on the Internet. I will specially introduce them here!

Wonder how you can take these fantastic photos? Here are some tips:

(1) Make a Super Shallow Depth of Field

For ordinary photos, if we use the super shallow depth of field, things outside the focus point will become blurred, but because of this effect, we can make photos have a “dreamy” feel! To shoot a super shallow depth of field, we can use a large aperture (such as f / 1.2, f / 1.4, etc.), plus a long focal length (such as 80mm, 200mm), so the depth of field will be very shallow!

Reference Article: The relationship between aperture and depth of field

(2) Tell Stories with Photos

Before shooting, we need to know exactly what message this photo wants to bring out? Is it love? Is it sad? Still, tell the reader the characteristics of the subject? With this idea in mind, we can start looking for the shooting angle and composition!

(3) Simple Background

Although this is not necessary, for beginner photographers, find a simple background and use a shallow depth of field to blur it into an easy technique.

(4) Use of Color

We can use post-production to reduce or increase the saturation or turn the photo into black and white or monochrome.

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