Telephoto Lens Application Examples

(1) Taking Portraits

Using a telephoto lens when shooting portraits not only makes the depth of field shallower but also reduces the pressure due to the distance from the model, making the shot more natural.

(2) Shooting Animals

Animals move around a lot, and a telephoto lens can shoot them unconsciously. 1When shooting pets at home, use the telephoto lens to capture interesting expressions!

(3) Shooting Landscapes

The landscape does not have to be shot with a wide-angle lens. Using a telephoto lens can compress the scene, and can also shoot distant objects to make the composition closer. 5Take a photo of it even in a characteristic hut hiding in the distance!

(4) Filming Activities/Performances

A zoomable telephoto lens is very useful when shooting a concert or event! Taking half-length shots or close-ups is also good. A shallow depth of field can also make the protagonist more prominent. 10For shooting concerts, a large aperture telephoto lens is indispensable.

(5) Shooting Sports

Photographers in sports such as football and volleyball generally have a distance from the athletes, and telephoto lenses can easily capture their every move and intense competition. 2

A telephoto lens can capture the expressions and movements of athletes.

(6) Shooting Flowers

If there is no macro lens in hand, a telephoto lens may be helpful! However, since telephoto lenses generally have the “shortest focusing distance” of more than 1 meter, we must focus carefully. 6

Use long focal lengths to enlarge flowers.


For a beginner, a large aperture telephoto lens may be expensive, but the author feels that it is definitely worth the money. The color and quality of the large aperture telephoto lens are very high, and there are many applications. A good large-aperture lens can not only maintain its value (or even appreciate!), But it can also be used for 10+ years, so if the budget allows, you may wish to start with a high-quality large aperture telephoto lens!