Having a little more compositional skills will not only make you more comfortable when shooting but also make your photos more diverse.


(1) Radial Lines

If you pay close attention, there are always some “radial lines” around you. Try to find an angle and shoot these “radial lines”!



(2) Sense of Space

Compared to “filling composition”, this is another sense of space. As long as a clean background is used and the subject is photographed using the rule of thirds or intermediate composition, the meaning can be expressed more prominently.


(3) Manufacturing Balance

Balance does not have to be balanced. It can be an artistic balance. The purpose is to put the two things very evenly in the photo, and everyone is against each other. But pay attention to the “subject” it is best not to have too much, to not confuse the audience.


(4) Use your Perspective

The protagonist must stand out, and must also have a supporting role as a foil. The same is true for photography. Finding a prospect for the subject can not only make the picture richer, but also allow the reader to have a deeper understanding of the scene environment, so it is recommended to find a prospect for your work.


(5) Virtual Framework

This kind of composition method is very common and easy to use. It is to find something that can surround your subject like a photo frame-the “frame” can be a real or virtual. Wrap the “frame” when framing you can shoot what you want!



Although composition is ever-changing, if you have mastered several techniques, you can use them in combination to make your photos more diverse!