Why I founded Fotobeginner USA?

Photos can change your life and the world around you. I hope I can share the same experience with you. Here beginner photographers will learn photography skills through an intuitive curriculum with plenty of examples. Remember: no matter how long you have been shooting, stay humble and always keep learning.

Fotobeginner USA is a free photography learning website that provides entry-level photography knowledge, photography tours, photography equipment, and plenty more so that beginners can easily enjoy the fun in photography!

Alex Tam Founder, Fotobeginner USA

Words from Your Photography Mentor

I have been a photography teacher for more than 10 years, and I have a thorough understanding of all the difficulties and concerns that students with basic knowledge will encounter. The secret to learning photography effectively and quickly is actually “to understand, practice, and solve problems.” All of our photography training courses are designed according to this principle, to bring a successful experience to every student.

For a long time, we have insisted on retaining “100% after-school support”, because you can’t become a photography master immediately after a course. You must continue to practice and continue to solve the difficulties encountered before you can progress and grow. All students who participate in training classes, events, or tour groups can directly contact the instructor to ask questions and will always have support on the site.

Photography Training Course

  • Designed by experienced mentors aimed to serve “zero-foundation” beginners and amateur photography enthusiasts
  • Combination of theory + actual combat + problem solving, three teaching methods, and free outdoor shooting activities
  • Provide students with 24/7 online and offline support services
  • Provide “training strategies for trainers to recommend equipment” for trainees, so that trainees are not cheated to spend money

About Alex Tam

Fotobeginner USA Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Chief Instructor of Fotobeginner USA. Alex is dedicated to bringing beginners an easy, fast and free photography communication platform. He has been teaching photography for more than 11 years. Alex has taught hundreds of photography classes and has been interviewed by well-known media such as Hong Kong TVB, Face, iMoney, One Weekly, Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, and Economic Daily.

About Ben Deng

Fotobeginner USA mentor. Born in an artistic family, he has been involved in photography since he was a child. His father and uncle were enlightening mentors for photography. From obsession to career, he thinks every photo should express the truth of this world. Now he is the main photographer of weddings and large-scale concerts. He has worked in the fields of cross-border wedding photography, MV production, post-film production and many more. He has worked with many well-known artists, such as Yang Zongwei and Li Yufen.

2015 WPPI Silver Award (International Wedding and Portrait Photographers Photography Contest) 2018 Roger Tan (International Top Wedding Photographer) Entry Disciple 2018 Founding Personal Photography Brand JBPhotographer 2018 PPA Certified Member

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