Basic Photography for Beginners (1-day)

The first course for beginners to learn all basic knowledge of photography.

About This Course

  • Course ID: 1492
  • Start Date: 19 Jan 2020 09:00 (Starts in 40 days)
  • Finish Date: 19 Jan 2020 16:30
  • Course Duration: 6 hours
  • Class Size: 8
  • Location: 2648 Durfee Ave #107 El Monte CA 91732 (MAP) (PARKING INFO)

This course is mainly for beginner students who have no knowledge of photography or have just bought a camera but do not know how to operate it. Our experienced instructor will guide you through everything needed to know to build a good foundation for photography. You will learn how to adjust the value of aperture, shutter speed and ISO in confidence to prevent under- or over-exposed image. Several important and impressive techniques including shooting shallow depth of field (blur background) photos, quick single-point focusing, different metering modes, basic composition to immediately improve the photo etc will be covered in the class. You will also learn how to keep and clean your camera and lens with correct methods and tools.

Our experienced instructors will explain the photography theory in easy-to-understand terms, and then teach you how to apply the theory to daily shooting step by step. Our purpose is to let you make the most out of the photography equipments you currently owned. After completed this course, you will give up the "Automatic Shooting Mode" and start enjoying the real fun of photography with effective camera control!

This "One-day Class" is designed to let student complete the entire course effectively in one single full day. There will be plenty of time to practice with your camera and ask your instructor questions in the classroom.

Prerequisite: None
Level: Photography Beginner
Gears to bring to class: Any digital camera (Prosumer DC/DSLR)(If you are not sure, please contact us)
Instructor: Alex Tam
Enquiry: [email protected] / +1(626)534-1129 (TEXT)

Parking: Park space is available along the street. Please enter the building from the small blue gate on Durfee Ave.

You Will Learn
  1. How to control your camera
  2. How to shoot sharp photos
  3. How to make blurry background
  4. How to get rid of Auto Mode
  5. How to focus quickly and precisely
  6. How to make the color right
  7. How to clean your camera correctly

Total Course Fee: $98

  1. Offline Course
  2. Free After-class Support
  3. Free Lecture Notes

Topics Covered In This Course

  • Recognize the differences between the latest camera types: DSLR, M4/3, mirrorless camera, Consumer DC, etc.
  • How to read a lens, know the lens focal length and different effect on application.
  • Understand the "Golden Triangle of Exposure": the relationship and application of aperture, shutter, ISO.
  • Learn and apply P/A/S/M shooting modes.
  • [Technique] Shallow Depth of Field shooting tips - Learn how to take professional photos.
  • [Technique] Fast and Slow Shutter Speed shooting tips - How to Use the Shutter Speed ​​to Capture Everyday Life.
  • In-depth explanation of the concept of "Safe Shutter Speed" - no more blurry photos.
  • Application of Auto Focus (AF) and Manual Focus (MF).
  • How camera built-in "Metering System" works and how to achieve perfect exposure.
  • How to use the Exposure Compensation (EV) to correct any metering errors.
  • Understand the "Magic of White Balance", allowing you to improve the color of your photos anytime.
  • Understand the importance of RAW file format in digital photos.
  • How to properly clean your camera and sensor with special tools.

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