Landscape Photography for Beginners

Learn how to capture the beauty of the world.

About This Course

  • Course ID: 1493
  • Start Date: 20 Jan 2020 09:00 (Starts in 39 days)
  • Finish Date: 20 Jan 2020 11:30
  • Course Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Class Size: 8
  • Location: 2648 Durfee Ave #107 El Monte CA 91732 (MAP) (PARKING INFO)

Landscape photography is one of the most popular topics in photography. However, shooting a stunning, impressive landscape photo is not easy. In this course, you will learn every basic knowledge you need to know to capture the beauty around the world.

Throughout this 2.5-hour course, our experienced instructor will tell you all the practical skills you have to learn, such as when and where is the best time to capture the natural light and how to express the beauty from it from locating the best angle. Framing and using various photography filters correctly are also the key to have a remarkable landscape photo. Waterfull, magic hours, sunset and sunrise shooting techniques will also be covered in depth. After completing this Landscape Photography course, your world will be different.

Students can join separate Landscape Practice Session after finished this class.

Prerequisite: None (Recommended: Basic Photography for Beginners)
Level: Beginner
Gears to bring to class: None
Instructor: Alex Tam
Enquiry: [email protected] / +1(626)534-1129 (TEXT)

You Will Learn
  1. How to shoot impressive landscape photos
  2. How to use different lens for framing
  3. How to use photography filters to make a difference
  4. How to shoot sunrise and sunset
  5. How to shoot silky waterfall
  6. How to shoot magic hours
  7. How to use tripod correctly

Total Course Fee: $78

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Topics Covered In This Course

  • Basic landscape photography skills to take a successful landscape photo.
  • How to capture the light and its color temperature at different period.
  • Use white balance tool to easily create different photography styles.
  • The importance of using the correct lens for landscape photography.
  • How to fine-tune the camera to improve the color of landscape photos.
  • Basic waterfall/stream shooting tips.
  • How to make a big difference by using filters such as CPL, GND, RGND, ND, Twilight in landscape shooting.
  • The importance of finding the right direction for landscape photography.
  • Shooting skills in sunrise and sunset.
  • Discuss about the DO and DON'T in landscape composition.

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