Mobile Photography For Beginners

Learn how to use your mobile phone to shoot excellent picture in anywhere, anytime.

About This Course

  • Course ID: 1497
  • Start Date: 23 Jan 2020 18:00 (Starts in 36 days)
  • Finish Date: 23 Jan 2020 20:00
  • Course Duration: 2 hours
  • Class Size: 8
  • Location: 2648 Durfee Ave #107 El Monte CA 91732 (MAP) (PARKING INFO)

Mobile phone is an essential equipment in our daily life now. But do you know it is also a piece of excellent camera? You do not always need an expensive and heavy DSLR to shoot a great picture. A compact, available-anywhere mobile phone can also take a beautiful, storytelling photo. What you need is some simple shooting technique and help from some free but useful post-editing mobile app. You will learn all of these secrets in this mobile photography course.

Prerequisite: None
Level: Beginner
Gears to bring to class: Mobile Phone
Instructor: Alex Tam
Enquiry: [email protected] / +1(626)534-1129 (TEXT)

You Will Learn
  1. Basic mobile photography tips
  2. What mobile phone can do
  3. How to find the perfect light
  4. Useful composition in mobile photography
  5. How to shoot blurry background with mobile
  6. How to shoot high dynamic range photo
  7. Skills of using Panorama mode

Total Course Fee: $68

  1. Offline Course
  2. Free After-class Support
  3. Free Lecture Notes

Topics Covered In This Course

  • Difference between using DSLR and mobile phone to take photos.
  • Shooting tips of mobile photography.
  • How to make good use of various built-in filters for mobile photography.
  • How to look for the perfect light in mobile photography.
  • How to frame the photo when shooting with your mobile phone.
  • How to do the shallow depth of field effect with your mobile phone.
  • Tip on shooting hight dynamic range photo.
  • How to use panorama mode to shoot various interesting effects.

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