For the Entry Level Photographers interested in courses, events, and tours.

Learn How To Capture Better Photos With Your DSLR or Mobile Phone.

Shooting Impressive Photos is not difficult, the courses will explain how to properly handle a camera.

Successful photographers were all once beginners. If you think your photos need some work, or you want to unleash the power of a DSLR or mobile phone, join us and start our face-to-face Photography Basic Offline Course!

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Basic Photography for Beginners

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Mobile Photography for Beginners

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FotoTrip™ – Photography Trips for Beginners

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Our Basic Photography Classes are in DSLR or Mobile Phone


Design for Beginners

All our basic courses are specifically designed for beginners with zero photography experience.


All Practical

What you will learn will be practical to apply to your photos.


After-class Support

We provide FREE After-course Support to all students.

Words From The Founder and Your Instructor

After teaching photography to beginners for over 10 years, we know what is important to help a student with zero photography knowledge to master photography. It is simple! The golden rule is: LEARN, PRACTICE, and SOLVE-PROBLEM. All of our classes are designed by following this rule. To be honest, there is no way you can be a photography master with a 2-hour course. That’s why the after course support is so important – by solving problems you encounter when applying your knowledge, your photography skills will improve. At Fotobeginner USA, after finishing your course, you are able to receive FREE support from your instructor – just ask any questions you have.

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