Easily Add Borders to Photos

Many times we want to add special borders, EXIF ​​data, or signature files to the photos. Is there any software that can make these frames?

White Balance-Part 2

As mentioned above, is it necessary for a good photo to have an "absolutely normal" white balance? How to adjust the white balance of the photo before and after shooting? Let me briefly explain here.

Application of Fisheye Lenses

Speaking of fisheye lenses, fisheyes have a wide range of uses without any restrictions. The wide-angle feature can make the scene look more imposing and more spatial when it is used for landscape photography.

4 Popular 50mm Standard Lens Review

Among the many fixed-focus lenses (refer to the article on fixed-focus lenses vs zoom lenses), because the lens is closest to the human eye, 50mm has always been a well-known "standard lens".

Exposure: The Magic of Auto-ISO

In the " Photographic Novice Training Course " held every month, we have been teaching students the relationship between "aperture, shutter, and ISO"

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