Valentine’s Day is here! How are you celebrating it? Let us give you some inspiration! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a lover. Learn these techniques to take pictures of your favorite person. Maybe he/she will be your other half next year? Hurry up and mark your boyfriend/girlfriend and come and learn these tips!

Romantic Heart-Shaped Bokeh

To shoot a romantic heart-shaped Bokeh, just use some props:

Photo by Alex Tam and Jeffrey Smith

If you don’t want to use the heart shape, there are plenty of shapes to choose from!

Bokeh sets can be purchased here!:

2. Couple Silhouette

  • Prioritize the use of A / Av-mode, enlarge the aperture (ex. f/2.8-5.6), remember to pay attention to “Safe Shutter” (Tutorial click here)
  • Metering can be done using “Matrix Metering / Balanced Metering” so that the camera will include the sky into the metering range. As a result, the couple will become silhouette due to backlight
  • Use the “+/- EV” button to fine-tune the metering. If you want the silhouette to be darker, you can -EV (Tutorial click here)
  • Remember to turn off the camera’s “Auto Brightness”, such as Canon ’s “Auto Lighting Optimizer (ALO)” and Nikon’s “Active D-Lighting”, otherwise the camera will automatically brighten the silhouette. Remember to focus on the portrait to make the outline clear and sharp.

Photo by Carlos ZGZ

3. Creative Focusing

Usually when taking photos for portraits, we focus on the subject. In fact, you can try to focus on things other than the face! Sometimes blurry surroundings are even more eye-catching. Recently the popular “Heart Finger” is also a good pose.

Photo by Luke Chan

4. Indirect Shooting

You can try the effect by taking the photo with a mobile phone or a camera. Of course, remember that the focus is still on the photo!

Photo by Luke Chan

5. Phase to Phase

Don’t know how many years you have spent together? Looking back at the previous photos always has a sense of remembrance, but this is a memory you have together. Take an old photo and take a new one, and see how everyone changes!

6. Key Shooting

Sometimes a moment you two had together is enough to show off to your friends!