Some people say that photography is a kind of “visual frame.” Anything that passes through the frame is quite different because what is taken from reality is only part of a moment. These are selected as a frame and are reassembled into a new picture. Now let ’s take a look at how to use the “photo frame” technique to create work full of surprises.

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Finding a Virtual Frame

To adapt the unique photo-framing expression, we can look for a ready-made “virtual frame” at the shooting scene when framing. This “virtual frame” can be used to replace the rigid rectangular frame of the photo, making the entire photo more appealing.

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The “virtual frame” is an integral part. In other words, the main content is framed, which makes the subject more prominent in the picture. This composition method can make the picture have a stronger sense of presence and appeal.

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In a sense, photography can be used to see a strange side of the world through a strange aperture. To make the photo atmospheric, we can adopt a “picture-in-picture” approach. Use the foreground of the “virtual frame” to guide the viewer, let the viewer’s eyes look at the subject through this special frame. The frame can support the entire picture, making the picture more prominent and more vibrant. Besides, with the “virtual frame” as the foreground, it is possible to point out a wide and extended area in a narrow space, making the front and back seem more spatial.

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Framing is used to look for scenery with foreground and background. In the foreground, you can find some scenery such as trees, windows, mirrors as an oddly shaped frame that can be used to frame the scenery in the background. Pay attention to the foreground and background. Remember to keep a certain depth. Also, the frame of the foreground should not be too cluttered and colorful to avoid stealing the limelight of the background. Also, pay attention to the lighting of the foreground and background to avoid underexposure or overexposure (of course, if the foreground and background lighting difference are too large, it is not unreasonable to use the foreground as a silhouette).

Leaves can also be used as "photo frames" (By {link: http: //} myshiren {/ link}

Leaves can also be used as “photo frames”

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It should be noted that the frame of the foreground and the subject of the background must be related to each other, so the theme of the picture will be consistent. In addition, in order not to affect what you want to express, you should focus on one subject as much as possible. Moreover, the frame should also avoid overlapping with the subject to not affect the distance between the foreground and background. However, photography as an art form we should not just blindly follow certain rules. Try to be creative to make new breakthroughs. Let’s try to find creative composition together, you will find endless fun!


Author: Alex Tam