Photo by {link:}Akimasa Harada{/link}

Photo by Akimasa Harada

Many people like to keep cats as pets, so shooting cats has become a part of our daily lives. How can you photograph this cute animal? The author has collected some wonderful photos of cats and shared them with you, and analyzed the shooting techniques in them. I hope you can reference to and use your cats as models! Practice and commemorate it!


(Composition 1) Use the Same Angle as the Cat

If the cat is only taken from the height of the human eye, the photo will become ordinary. Try to view it from the same level as its height and the effect will be more natural and balanced!

Photo by Apogee Photography

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

(Composition 2) Use Silhouettes and Shadows

The shape and movement of cats are beautiful. Whether they are sitting or standing, they have their own unique appeal. Try to capture the shadow or use the light source on the back to create silhouettes.

Photo by Jans Canon


Photo by Anna_Debenham

(Composition 3) Shooting Big Close-ups

Try to just shoot the cat’s parts! Whether it is eyes, palms, or tail it can be a good subject for photographing cats. Using telephoto lenses to take close-ups of cats in a distance so that readers can focus more on the beauty of cats.

Photo by FabulousMasterpieces

Photo by eek the cat

Photo by Tomer Arazy

(Composition 4) Shooting Cats in Low Light

Cats are hunting animals in the dark. Shooting cats in low light seems to be more suitable for the character of the cat, and the eyes of the cat will become larger and more charming. But be careful if the shutter is too slow. Make good use of large aperture lenses and increase the ISO value to prevent the photo from blurring !

Photo by Moyan_Brenn

Photo by Sean Molin Photography

(Composition 5) Add Human Elements to Make Photos More Charming

People and cats often have deep feelings. Adding elements of human and cat interaction to photos makes the photos more storytelling and attractive. Try it!

Photo by Daveybot

Photo by Alex Dram

To Sum it Up

Cat’s various movements and personalities are very suitable for shooting. Shooting cats will become your enjoyment! Learn and enjoy the process and results of the shooting together!

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Author: Alex Tam